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Parenting With You

Nov 23, 2021

On average, 20 children die every day from preventable injuries. In this episode, we explore injuries that affect babies, children and teens, and ways to prevent them. This is a must-listen for any caregiver.

Britt Anderson, M.D., pediatric emergency medicine physician with Norton Children’s Hospital, and Sharon Rengers, R.N., manager of injury prevention with Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness, join our hosts, Erin R. Frazier, M.D., pediatrician with Norton Children’s Medical Group – Broadway, and Tracy Morrison, director of Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
·      Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness Classes:
·      Find a pediatrician at or call (502) 629-KIDS (5437), option 3
·      Kentucky Poison Control Center:
·      Darkness to Light:
·      Car Seat Safety:
·      Car Seat Safety 2 video:
·      Bike Helmet Safety:

Norton Children’s “Parenting With You” is a podcast that helps parents keep kids healthy and safer by providing practical, down-to-earth advice for parenting children of any age, from babies to teens.

About Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness
A healthy kid is a happy kid. Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness provides resources to help you and your child build healthy habits.

Established in 1991 as the Children’s Hospital Foundation Office of Child Advocacy of Norton Children’s Hospital, today Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness takes an active leadership role in teaching healthy habits to children, including injury prevention and educating families on healthy lifestyle choices.

Advocacy and outreach educational programs are at the heart of the Norton Children’s mission.

Our efforts are focused around:
·      Safety and injury prevention
·      Promoting healthy lifestyles
·      Key community partnerships
·      Government relations

Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness is funded through donations to the Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation.